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Euro 6 at work: Scania's first biogas truck offers customers a greener …

Swedish firm Bring Frigo s new vehicle purchase has strengthened its already excellent environmental credentials.

The environment has always been high on the agenda for Bring Frigo, one of Sweden s largest thermo-logistics companies. This is why they chose to invest in Scania s first biogas truck.

Sustainability important

For us, sustainability issues are very important and we take the environment into account as much as possible in our business. This is why we are very proud to own the first Scania Euro 6 truck to run on biogas, says Arne Karlsson.

To provide a greener choice for the customer is the ultimate environmental goal for Bring Frigo, with its fleet of 72 mostly long-haul trucks.

Performance and reliability

Not only is the Euro 6 biogas truck a greener choice, it has a 340 horsepower engine and performs as well as any diesel truck. The drivers at Bring Frigo praise its performance and reliability.

The Euro 6 biogas truck from Scania is completely right for us and it suits our business and the transport tasks we carry out, says truck driver Anna Olofsson.

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