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The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI) was established in 1958 as a non-profit organization by the government of Israel and the private sector. IEICI promotes Israeli goods and services exports, and trade relations, cooperation and strategic alliances with overseas companies. IEICI provides services to thousands of Israeli exporters.

IEICI promotes exports through initiatives and programs in many countries, operating through Israeli commercial and economic attach s, as well as local business development representatives. IEICI maintains working relations with foreign diplomats and commercial attach s in Israel and trade organizations throughout the world. It provides information and consulting services, offering extensive connections and assistance in promoting exports of Israeli companies as well as complementary services for the international business community. IEICI initiates and organizes incoming and outgoing commercial delegations and mounts national pavilions and information centers at international exhibitions and conventions throughout the world. IEICI operates through two business development divisions, a technology industries division and a consumer goods division, plus professional services units.

Technology Industries Division

Expands opportunities for Israeli exporters in technological fields, stressing the creation of quality business links. Activities include initiating effective business encounters, cooperation agreements and knowledge transfer, and marketing activity at fairs and business meetings. It also fosters direct links between Israeli companies and worldwide institutional bodies, opening doors to integrators, bringing buyers and foreign journalists to Israel, and organizing conventions and seminars worldwide. Sectors represented include electronics, communications, software, new media, film & television, aerospace, defense & HLS, advanced medical devices and technologies, biotechnologies & pharmaceuticals, automotive, agrotechnology, water and environmental technologies, construction and international projects.

Target Markets Unit: Coordinates activities in China, India and Brazil, providing services that aid exporters targeting these countries, among them consulting, preparation for meetings and subsequent follow-up, and enhancing the understanding of local business cultures. It also manages multi-sector delegations, conferences and business meetings pertaining to these markets.

Consumer Goods Division

Creates and expands business opportunities for Israeli exporters through establishing contacts with leading international retail chains and buyers in the field, business meetings at international exhibitions, connections with agents and distributors, and media coverage in trade journals. The division facilitates exporters participation in marketing activities such as visits by buyers and journalists, and meeting customers at overseas venues. Sectors represented include food, wine & beverages, cosmetics & toiletries, home & family products, packaging, plastics, textiles & fashion, Judaica, giftware & jewelry products.

Professional Services Units

Exhibitions & Fairs: Provides exporters with all services required to participate in international exhibits and conventions. The unit annually mounts some 40 national pavilions worldwide, taking charge throughout, from determining venues, promoting the exhibition to exporters, logistics and organization.

External Relations: Organizes incoming and outgoing business delegations, conventions and meetings leading to international cooperation. Also promotes and develops programs with global partners who promote Israeli trade in new and special target markets.

The Center for Export & International Trade Studies: Offers courses, workshops and seminars on international marketing, legal and financial aspects, international shipping and logistics, market intelligence, using the web to promote business activities, management training, and more.

Economics: Analyzes and publishes information and economic surveys of export markets. It also analyzes data, trends and forecasts of foreign trade in general and Israel exports in particular.

Business Intelligence & Information: Offers exporters superior information sources, including online data banks, a business library, information specialists, as well as contacts with Israeli commercial attach s and economic representatives, and trade and other international organizations.

Consulting Services, Logistics & Shipping: Provides solutions to exporters on all related matters, such as trade agreements and rules of origin, including verification examinations for customs services worldwide, customs tariffs, legality of exports and imports, shipping and logistics, marine and air insurance, payment methods, international marketing, etc.

International Tenders & Business Initiatives: Helps exporters develop and promote their business overseas programs for identifying business partners, among these via the European Enterprise Network (EEN), and identifying international tenders and finance opportunities.

Center for Small Exporters: The principal address for beginning exporters, or smaller exporters seeking to augment their exports. Among its activities: meetings for initial acquaintance with IEICI services and how to commence exporting, general business consulting and guidance.

Media and Production Division

Publishes printed and electronic materials on Israeli industry, including catalogs & indexes, guidebooks, sectoral surveys, image publications, films & multimedia presentations, as well as media coverage.

ADDRESS: 29 Hamered St., Tel Aviv 68125 * TEL 972 3 514 2830 *

FAX 972 3 514 2902 * WEBSITE www.export.gov.il1

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