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Jim Irsay's driver's license suspended for refusing test following OWI …

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (June 5, 2014) The driving privileges of Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay have been suspended by a Hamilton Superior judge for one year for his failure to take a chemical following a March 16 arrest.

Irsay faces two misdemeanor counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated or with a prescription drug in his system.

The NFL billionaire was arrested late on a Sunday night for erratic driving by a Carmel police officer on Horseferry Road.

In his arrest report, the officer wrote that Irsay exhibited poor manual dexterity, slurred speech, red, bloodshot and glassy eyes and unsteady balance.

I read the suspect the Indiana Implied Consent law, asked the suspect to take a chemical test and the suspect: verbally refused, reads the report.

The officer reported finding a negligible amount of alcohol in Irsay s system.

Based on the Carmel Police report, Hamilton Superior Judge J. Richard Campbell ordered, The Court has reviewed the probable cause affidavit and has found that there is probable cause that the Defendant violated Indiana Code 9-30-05.

That s the Implied Consent law requiring drivers to agree to a police officer s request for a blood test or potentially lose their licenses.

The Court has recommended by separate order that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles immediately suspend the Defendant s driving privileges effective May 27, 2014, for 365 days, for refusing to take the chemical test.

The NFL has yet to determine its discipline of the Colts owner.

Irsay has a June 19 court date.

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