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Lawmakers Seek to Toughen Safety Regulations for Trucking Industry

Dallas, TX- After the devastating truck accident1 that left comedian Tracy Morgan in critical condition and killed comedy writer James McNair, trucking safety has been thrust in the national spotlight and now lawmakers are pushing to toughen safety regulations for the trucking industry.

While the investigation of the Tracy Morgan s accident is still ongoing, investigators believe that fatigue may have played a role in the accident. Police allege the driver, Kevin Roper, was awake for 24 hours before the fatal accident, an allegation Roper, who pleaded not guilty to vehicular manslaughter, denies.

Currently, trucker fatigue is combated with strict hours-of-service regulations which forbid a driver from being on the road for more than 11 hours in one day, limiting them to a 70 hour work week and requiring they rest a full 36 hours before resuming a new work week. These are strict regulations but bypassing them is easy since most drivers manually record their driving hours in their logbooks and can fudge their driving hours so they appear to be in compliance.

This is something New York2 Senator Charles Schumer would like to change. On Sunday, Schumer spoke with the National Traffic Safety Board and encouraged the agency to require trucking companies and drivers to utilize electronic logging devices to record driving hours and prevent fatigued driving.

There s no way to check right now if those records are falsified, Schumer (D New York) said, according to News 13. We d do away with the drivers filling in the records, because the GPS wouldn t lie.

Schumer said the mandate is behind schedule and he would like the Department of Transportation to speed it up. He would also like to require trucking companies and drivers to carry more insurance in case of a catastrophic truck accident that causes multiple injuries and deaths.

There is no solid evidence however that these electronic logging devices would actually prevent fatigued driving. A representative for Walmart who Roper was driving for pointed out that the truck he was driving was outfitted with an electronic logging device but it didn t keep the accident from happening.

Truck accident fatalities have been on the rise since 2009 after the economy began to improve and more goods are being transported. In 2012, nearly 4,000 people were killed in collisions with tractor-trailer and other large commercial vehicles. The increase in accidents is due in part to more trucks being on the road, and while passenger vehicle motorists are to blame for a large number of accidents, negligence on the part of a driver or trucking company also contributes to a large number of these deadly and dangerous accidents.

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