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Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound

Highlights: ·Breathtaking finish

Technical Specifications: Content: 450 ml

Description: With its Ultimate Compound, Meguiars has revolutionised grinding and polishing compounds. Our new abrasive technology quickly removes persistent oxidisation, spots, bird droppings and other deeply penetrating damage as it polishes the surface to a mirror finish. Unlike conventional grinding and polishing compounds which abrade the surface, our safe clear coat micro-abrasives produce an amazingly clear finish, free of scratches, streaks and fine line scratching. Whether you are working manually or using a DA polisher, Ultimate Compound is the perfect choice when it comes to preparing your surface for your favourite Meguiars wax.

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Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

List Price: £6.70 Now Price: £6.70

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