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New container trucking whistleblower service launched

VANCOUVER A new whistleblower service has been launched to provide a way for Lower Mainland container truckers to voice concerns about such things as trucking company compliance with Joint Action Plan remuneration rates, truck licensing or driver harassment.

The service is a collaborative effort by Port Metro Vancouver and the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Those wishing to file a report can do so online, via a 24/7 telephone service, by fax or by mail. The 1 877 713-5109 toll-free telephone service, called Drayage ConfidenceLine, is administered by an independent, third-party organization that will forward drivers concerns to the appropriate agency for follow-up.

Those concerns involving driver remuneration will be investigated by the Container Dispute Resolution Program and, where necessary, disciplinary measures will be taken.

Trucking companies are reminded that they must fully comply with the terms of the action plan and with all aspects of their License Agreements with Port Metro Vancouver, in order to play their part in ensuring the port remains stable and competitive. To that end, targeted, expedited audits will take place in the coming weeks to ensure employers are paying truckers according to the action plan. Port Metro Vancouver will respond to instances of non-compliance with penalties where necessary, and advises that future port access could be at risk for any company whose actions are placing the long-term, stable operation of the port in jeopardy.

The Province is committed to working with all parties to implement the Joint Action Plan, said Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. This reporting program provides a mechanism for driver complaints to be dealt with effectively and I m confident that penalties will be issued accordingly. It is vital that Port Metro Vancouver operations continue in a smooth and efficient manner to keep our economy running and goods moving across the country.

This initiative is one of the many steps being taken as a part of the Joint Action Plan to solve long-standing problems in the container trucking sector, said Peter Xotta, Vice President, Planning and Operations for Port Metro Vancouver. Truckers should feel confident that their concerns are being heard and acted upon.

The service is offered in English and Punjabi and callers may remain anonymous if they so choose.

Details of the service as well as more information on the container trucking sector, the Joint Action Plan and more can be found on the Port Metro Vancouver website.

About Port Metro Vancouver:

Port Metro Vancouver1, is a non-shareholder, financially self-sufficient corporation established by the Government of Canada, pursuant to the Canada Marine Act, and is accountable to the elected federal Minister of Transport. Port Metro Vancouver is Canada s largest port and a leader in environmental stewardship. About $184 billion in goods is traded annually with more than 160 trading economies, generating across Canada an estimated 100,000 jobs, $6.1 billion in wages, and $9.7 billion in GDP. Port Metro Vancouver s annual financial2 and sustainability report3s provide an overview of our social, environmental and economic performance, and is independently assured by a third party.


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