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Next: Brazil's May iron ore exports increase, revenues fall year on year

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Brazil s total iron ore exports in May rose 13%, to 30.6 million mt, from 27.1 million mt in the comparable period of 2013, according to the latest Brazilian Ministry of Trade data.

However, total revenue generated from iron ore exports fell 12% year on year to $2.6 billion FOB, from $2.9 billion FOB, with the average price dropping to $84.50/mt FOB, from $108.60/mt FOB.

In the month-to-month comparison, both shipments abroad and revenues grew in May. Deliveries increased 24% from April s 24.7 million mt, while overall sales value spiked 26% from previous $2 billion in the same comparison.

The average price for iron ore in May increased from April s $83.5/mt FOB.Source: Platts

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