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THE JESSICA L BLOG: Food trucking.

While we did not make it all the way to the big food truck festival way out yonder, I did manage to drag Scott along with his best bud Dave and his other half Patty- my friend and Kristen’s mom- I know it’s weird, just keep up- to the food truck gathering in Mission Valley. The food trucks in San Dog move around constantly, and so I follow quite a few of them on Twitter and Facebook. Though I found myself going back to the same one: haadsaithaifood.com. I started with the potstickers and rich, milky coffee, and then less than 15 minutes later, ordered the drunken noodles and sai fried rice. Both were excellent choices, although the drunken noodles were really spicy; I think Sai may have accidentally poured a little too much pepper into the pot. But I still ended up finishing the rest of the noodles later on the next morning, and I was almost too full to try the spinach pierogis from the pierogi food truck that was parked outside of Hess Brewery in North Park. Yup, that’s right: we left the food truck party for another food truck, but the guys also wanted some beer along with some pierogis. And I got a shirt and pierogis for breakfast the next morning out of the deal, while Scott got comfortably buzzed.

I think this is the beginning of a new Friday tradition, of course, after a very long intermission.

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