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The Road Haulage Manual 2014

The Road Haulage Manual 2014

The 2014 RHA Haulage Manual contains all the information required to run a legal and profitable road haulage operation. Crucially it gives clear, easy to understand, current guidance on complying with the obligations of the UK national and international transport operating license. Additionally it contains practical guidance on a range of subjects such as heavy commercial vehicle specification, tire management, information technology, materials handling, fuels and lubricants and costings.

Contents: Employer and Driver Responsibilities; Health & Safety in Road Transport; Road Traffic Law; Driving Licences; Driving Offences and Penalties; Driver’s Hours & Working Time Law; Tachograph and Record Keeping; Vehicle Equipment; Goods Vehicle Weights & Dimensions; Lighting & Marking of Vehicles; Costings Finance; Insurance and Vehicle Tax; Operator Licensing; Plating & Testing; Abnormal Loads; Special Loads; Security of Vehicles Premises and Loads; Transport & the Environment, International Transport; Fleet car & Light Vehicle Operation; Materials Handling Legislation; MHE; Transport management Systems; Commercial Vehicle Tyres; Commercial Vehicle Specification; Fuels & Lubricants.

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The Road Haulage Manual 2014

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