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Three Important Factors when Bidding on Owner Driver Jobs

For those new in the courier industry, bidding for owner driver jobs1 can be daunting: you re basically going against competitors with varying levels of expertise and experience in the business, and it can be disheartening to see them make very low, aggressive bids. But then again, everyone is supposed to be playing on a level field, and it s important to remember that when offering a bidding price, you re also at the mercy of the same pricing factors as everyone else. It s only a matter of tweaking little details and identifying which aspects of the service can be sacrificed in order to make the bid much more attractive to the client. The following are good starting points to consider before bidding.

How Fast the Delivery Must be Accomplished

One vital factor in pricing your bid for those owner driver jobs you want to get is the required delivery speed. Usually, if clients resort to using a courier service, that means they want a speedy delivery of one day or less. Clients who want to have an item delivered within the hour or later during the day ( rush delivery jobs) can be offered such with an additional fee; most couriers charge a flat 10% additional fee for these types of jobs. Moreover, there are also those so-called stat jobs that require the courier to pick up an item and deliver it to the recipient within the hour consequently; such jobs entail an additional 25% fee. But that s the general rule you can be creative and resourceful when assessing additional fees (or none at all), as the bottom line is to make a bid offer that the client could not resist.

The Weight and Size of the Load

It goes without saying that the weight and size of the load play a crucial role in determining the bidding price for owner driver jobs. You re dealing with physical space (if the item is awkwardly shaped and affects the efficient placement of other loads in your cargo space) as well as how much the item s weight will tax your car s engine. Those who are new in the courier industry and are thus hungry for new customers tend to drive their bids to the floor, only to end up biting off more than they could chew. The good news is that most customers will understand the special requirements of their loads, and will be willing to pay the additional fees. It is common for couriers to offer an all-inclusive rate for regular loads and just apply a pro-rated fee for items exceeding the standard weight. To illustrate, for example, loads not exceeding 25 pounds in weight entail no additional charges, but there s a 10 cent fee for every extra pound in weight.

Distance to the Destination

Couriers usually charge by the job, but only if the delivery is within what the couriers consider their immediate operational territory. If you re bidding for owner driver jobs that require you to drive a long distance, then the mileage matters. Fortunately, most clients are accustomed to paying the special additional fees associated with long-distance deliveries, so charging an additional fee would not be met with much resistance. Most courier services charge as much as an additional $1 for every mile outside the courier s usual route if using a car and as much as $2 or more per mile if they re using a larger vehicle. But then again, the mileage factor must be taken in consideration along with other previously mentioned factors when finalising your bid.


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