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US keeps on trucking as car sales beat expectations

Chrysler were out with their May figures earlier on and US sales beat the +14% estimations by coming in at +17%. It s the 50th consecutive month of gains.

Nissan has also just released their numbers and they also trounced the forecasts with sales up 18.8% from 11% expected.

General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Honda will be releasing their numbers soon also.

It looks like the US consumer continues to have an appetite for cars and trucks, or do they, as Zerohedge pointed out previously ?1

Update: No sooner do I hit the button than GM and Ford release their sales figures.

  • GM sales +12.6% vs 6.4% exp
  • Ford (light vehicles) +3.0% vs -0.2% exp

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Author: Ryan Littlestone9

Ryan Littlestone has been working in financial markets for more than 20 years. Wide-eyed, he stepped out of Bank station in London to join LME founding member Rudolf Wolff where he worked his way to the main order desk and brokered customer orders to the LME floor and across virtually every global market. An opportunity to help set up and run a new LIFFE floor operation saw him catch the trading bug and it wasn t long before the pull of the pits was too great to refuse. He became a local and has been trading his own account for more than 10 years.


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