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WIN offers cloud-based solution for freight forwarders

The world s first cloud-based offering for independent freight forwarders developed by Thai-based Worldwide Information Network (WIN) is now available to crack the e-AirWayBill (e-AWB) challenge.

Compliant with IATA s e-Freight and Cargo 2000 requirements, WIN s solution for the air cargo industry functions as an enhancement to existing tools, using the cloud-based technology.

This solution connects forwarding agents with each other and with the world s main air and ocean carriers, brokers, and other logistics service providers giving independent freight forwarders with end-to-end visibility throughout the entire shipment lifecycle. WIN can be accessed via the web or from within one s existing software package through a simple XML integration.

Our mission is to provide independent forwarders with a cost-effective global connectivity solution. With our easy to use e-AWB solution, we are proud to be doing our part to advance air cargo s e-Freight initiative and assist airlines by increasing their e-AWB penetration with independent agents, said John DeBenedette, managing director of WIN.

In order to raise e-AWB adoption rates within the SME forwarding sector and remove some of the obstacles preventing independent forwarders from participating in electronic commerce, WIN has been working closely with freight forwarding organisations including members of the ELITE Association of Logistics Networks.

In a statement published on the IATA website, the association asserted its commitment to rapidly increase e-AWB utilisation. Independent forwarders are already reporting to us tangible cost and time savings from e-AWB implementation, and we fully believe this sector will play an important role in helping the air cargo industry achieve its e-AWB penetration targets.

Among its recent implementations, the WIN platform was used by Worldwide Logistic Partners in Chicago to submit their e-AWB information to Etihad Cargo electronically. Etihad Cargo s first US export e-AWB shipment took place in early May on a flight from Chicago to Abu Dhabi. A consignment weighing 152 kg was sent by Worldwide Logistic Partners (WLP).

WIN, also a member of Cargo 2000, is also investing in the functionality that will bring C2K participation to independent forwarders, including critical Phase-2 data capture.

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