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Addison Lee for sale.Cab4Now.com

So in little over a year The Carlyle Group have put Addison Lee on the market for an estimated 800 Million.

Carlyle have appointed Credit Suisse to carry out an Evaluation of the business with a brief to decide if it should be sold or if money should be invested,well in other words find a buyer for us.

The carlyle group since they took over Ad Lee have done very little that can be be seen as improving the company when they purchased AL they were shouting they planned to expand outside the London Area,have they?

A lot of the management from pre sale are still there and anybody that speaks to the drivers will tell you that is a major mistake by The carlyle group,The most talked about driver Liason department is still in situ another major mistake by the carlyle group drivers detest the people who rule liason by installing fear into drivers even bullying certain drivers.

In fact im told many drivers are now leaving AL and going to Uber and other PH companies and if Hailo get their PH operation up and running soon ive been told many AL drivers have been approached to go and work for hailo,not good to lose many experienced drivers if they decide to jump ship.

John griffin im told has now severed all links to AL this is strange for all his faults JG knows the PH business as well as anyone and should have been kept on board even as a consultant.

It is apparent to many that private equity has one aim and that is to make money for its investors

its just a shame that a great london business and brand is being touted about for sale like an upmarket tart in mayfair.

i just hope that someone considers the drivers and staff in all this mess created by carlyle because it is a mess uncertainty does not help staff or customers so the sooner its sold and hopefully not to another private equity house the better for all.

who knows a new owner may talk to the drivers and realise they are the face of the company and its because of the many good AL drivers that profits are so high and customers stay with AL sadly drivers are not appreciated by carlyle.

in the meantime be lucky and stay safe out there.

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