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Pakistan exports more Bed-linen than rice and cotton

Bed linen is a significant value-added segment of Pakistans textile exports; about $27.3 billion worth of Pakistan-made bed linen has been sold overseas between 2003 and 2013.

In the textile value-added sector, bed linen, cotton woven fabrics and men s suiting contributed to the top five export commodities in 2013. Men s suiting contributed $1.21 billion in foreign export earnings in 2013.

Agriculture exports have also made their mark; cash crops of rice and cotton generated substantial foreign exchange earnings for Pakistan ($33.7 billion in total) in last decade.

in 2008, Pakistan had become the third largest rice exporting country in the world.

But cotton and rice production, have been under stress lately, and must be increased to earn more export revenues. In the value-added sector, the award of grants and the business-friendly textile package announced in budget may nudge the export revenues higher.

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