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The Trucking Network Truckers: The unsung heroes

In our day-to-day lives, we fail to realize that anything we see in and around our homes is not grown or produced locally, and in fact, in this era of globalisation, goods criss-cross the globe on the shoulders of truckers. They make this happen in a time bound manner ensuring regular supply of all perishable and other goods, but how many people realise this of sacrifice, perhaps we take everything for granted and never give a serious thought to this aspect.Truckers suffer, their families suffer, in fact they are in a constant conflict with themselves. Most of the immigrant truckers are well-meaning people from their countries of origin, but upon immigration, when the formal education qualifications become redundant, the only survival skills that immigrants are left with are driving, communication, and the capacity to face uncertain situations. In fact, these are the strengths that make them the most suitable stuff for trucking. Most of the immigrants take up trucking only as a stop gap arrangement waiting for openings in their desired professions. There must have been countless successful professionals who have roughed it up as truckers or cab drivers. The dignity of labour, the essence of western democracy gave them the breathing space they strive for when confronted in uncertain situations.Trucking is no different from soldiering; the same odd hours of work, lack of quality time with families, and at times, open hostility, and shabby treatment from the very people they serve. The conflict, the agitation in the mind of truckers can only be understandable to the truckers themselves. They suffer for the welfare of their families and the society alike and but suffer at their hands only. They re great nation builders. There is an urgent need to sensitize people in general and the industry players in particular to their problems. They are the people who work for the country when everybody is fast asleep. We need to look into their needs and sensitivities for better solutions to their problems. Their problems are peculiar and so are their solutions, be it their mental health, dental health, etc. These unsung heroes deserve better deal.If we look at their contribution for the wealth of this country, we are shocked to see what we give back to them. We need to have still better insurance plans suitable to their profession, different health plans and more ever, different welfare plans in case of lay off or unforeseen adverse situations. We the people from this industry need a serious thought on their wellbeing and mitigation of specific problems. in fact we have a large pool of brilliant thoughts which need to be explored for better solutions to the industry specific problems. All suggestions and criticisms from truckers are welcome at [email protected]

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