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Volvo, Daimler bank on truck safety as a selling point – CNBC.com

Companies such as Volvo1 Trucks and Daimler2 are banking on safety as a selling point, offering customers everything from enhanced cruise control to lane departure warnings.

But the American Trucking Associations3 estimates that only about 10 percent of all trucks on the road have some kind of active safety technology.

Safety experts told CNBC that cost concerns, customer choice and slow regulators often prevent the introduction and enforcement of rules requiring all trucks to come equipped with certain safety technology.

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Such technologies include systems that allow truck drivers to set a speed that would prevent them from going faster than the car in front of them, or alerting drivers by setting off alarms when they do get too close. In some instances, the truck even does the braking for the driver.

Another technology is intended to help fatigued drivers who accidentally veer into the wrong lane to stay alert and get back into the appropriate one, lessening the chance of colliding with other vehicles on the road.


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