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Bulgaria Road Haulage Businesses to Stage Protests over ‘Long Queues’

Poor organization at border crossings that causes kilometers-long queues has angered road haulage businesses, which threaten to stage a demonstration, according to the Bulgarian National Radio. Yordan Arabadzhiev, representing the Union of International Haulers, has told the radio that Sunday’s incident of a 18-km queue at Kapitan Andreevo, a border point with Turkey, is an example of the lack of will on behalf of customs and border officers to work in an “efficient” enough manner. The protest, if held, will be staged after the upcoming snap election to dispel any doubt about sending “political” messages.

“Border police and the customs agency are saying everyone works at full capacity, but things are not going well.

The problem perhaps has to be solved at a higher level,” Arabadzhiev has suggested.

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