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C276-17 Kalpa Wall Calendar 2017 Cool Men Sexy Exclusive Hot Wall Calendars 2017 – 45 x 52 Cm – Price Drop

C276-17 Kalpa Wall Calendar 2017 Cool Men Sexy Exclusive Hot Wall Calendars 2017 - 45 x 52 Cm

  • Calendar from January 2017 to December 2017
  • Starts Jan 2017 ends Dec 2017, Forward year planner at the back
  • Designed and Manufactured this year in European Union.
  • Beautifully Designed Calendar
  • Printed on eco-friendly FCS certified paper.

Kalpa Wall Calendar

Appreciative of flawless photos in the subtle photography of black and white shots that encompass a variety of mesmerizing, sexy and hot men posed in positions to titillate your fantasies with their intoxicating looks?

Wow! Its all youll be able to say as you preview the months ahead and the delightful monthly view of these healthy, seductive men of your dreams, there to awaken you each day as the month progresses. They say a cup of a freshly brewed coffee can do wonders for a girl in the early morning, but how about a sexy hunk of a man to go along with that cup of coffee?

Dont apply that lipstick yet – after seeing our 2017 calendar you just might want to kiss each and every single one of these sexy men! A different man for each month to whet your appetite and keep you going through those long days!

Every day becomes a treasure trove of delights when you have our calendar on your wall at home. Just think – whenever you need to check your calendar for that doctors appointment or that lunch date youll be greeted with a sexy, sizzling hunk to lighten your mood.

These hunks work out at the gym as often as possible to achieve bodes tight and toned just for your viewing pleasure. Imagine those toned hands and b arms squeezing you tight every time you need to look at the calendar – but dont get swept away in the sexy fantasy so deeply youre late to your appointments!


  • Calendar from January to December 2017
  • Size : 45 x 52 cm
  • Printed on eco-friendly FCS certified paper.

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