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Msb Silver, Fabric Name Badge Kit 2 Tags, Anodised Aluminium with Brooch and Magnet Double – Special Price

Msb Silver, Fabric Name Badge Kit 2 Tags, Anodised Aluminium with Brooch and Magnet Double

  • Kit for 2 plates Grey anodised aluminium badge (badge) and magnet with brooch
  • Pin fastening already assembled. The magnetic fixing (not suitable for people with cardiostimolatori) very easily applies (before applying the magnetic fixing, please take out the fixing pin simply pushing outside groove).
  • Including transparent protective inserts, we just print the name on the paper or card using your office printer. Most important for the quantities we offer complete kits with perforated card in DIN A4 format (see other sets of sale MSB)
  • We provide the model web-Link for downloading the suitable for printing. Format of the plates: approx. 72 mm x 25 mmformato of the plates: approx. 72 mm x 25 mm
  • The invoice with VAT will be emitted and delivered through Amazon communication system if required at the time of purchase or not later than the month ‘s purchase (we need data header with VAT P./C.F.)

A fabric Name Badge improves and facilitates communication. These aluminium tags are very light and can be fastened to the dress, through the brooch, by clips or by applying the very strong double magnet (magnet). For customization “do-it-yourself” You will receive the model web-link waves download online the word already formatted specifically for the personalisation. Our products are the ideal solution for arise in professional way in the context of any event. Other models are available in our shop (search for the brand badge-discounter), always seller of high quality and at affordable prices. The article is sold by siqu, exclusive representative in Italy for the products of the German brand badge-discounter. On request, the Italian siqu emits the workmanship and being an Italian company, apply the VAT. If you need an invoice, chiedetela Please immediately after purchase via amazon The communication system. To maintain a regular accounts and respect the laws in force concerning receipt if it is not, we cannot been requested at the time of purchase, or within the same month of purchase.

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