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Warrant card wallet / ID card wallet with Certificated Enforcement Agent badge

Warrant card wallet / ID card wallet with Certificated Enforcement Agent badge

  • Certificated Enforcement Agent ID card wallet
  • Hand crafted from high quality leather
  • Unique Polished nickel and enamel certificated enforcement agent badge

This is a hand crafted, black leather ID card wallet with attached Certificated Enforcement Agent badge. The wallet is manufactered, to our own specifications, by a leading , UK Leathergoods Company, who have a long tradition of supplying bespoke Leathergoods to institutions such as Harrods, Audi, Rolls Royce and the Channel Tunnel Company. The nickel and enamel badge is our own registered design and, therefore, is unique to us and protected by Copyright law. The badge is affixed to the additional leather flap, by its own fixing blades, which allows it to be displayed from a shirt or Jacket pocket or from a belt. We also have for sale, at the same price, an Enforcement Agent Certificate wallet. This encompasses the same Certificated Enforcement Agent badge, but the wallet is some 15cm wide, in order to accommodate the extra wide Certificate. See 5th photo for image. The delivery charge is set by Amazon, not us. Whilst we usually sell these wallets at a much higher price, we have applied a discount in an effort to offset the expensive delivery charge. This product is ideal for all High Court Enforcement Officers and Certificated Enforcement Agents

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