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Dtk® New Laptop Battery Replacement for Lenovo Ibm Thinkpad W530 / W530i / L430 / L530 / T430 / T430i T530 / T530i Series notebook Battery (0A36303) (7800MAH-9CELLS)

Dtk® New Laptop Battery Replacement for Lenovo Ibm Thinkpad W530 / W530i / L430 / L530 / T430 / T430i T530 / T530i Series notebook Battery (0A36303) (7800MAH-9CELLS)

  • Battery type: Li-ion; Capacity: 7800mAh; Cells: 9-cell; Voltage: 11.1V.
  • Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption; Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability.
  • 100% New from Manufacturer. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • 24 x 7 email support, 12-month hassle-free warranty.
  • Operation time for standard batteries(9-cell, 7800mah): Around 3 hours, the actual operation time will depend on how much electricity is required by the device and how you use it.

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About DTK®

DTK is a production, sales in one of the manufacturers, professional production, sales of notebook batteries. To each of our customers with high quality products. Wish you a happy shopping, thank you.

Compatible Models


W530 L430 T430 T530 W530I L530 T430I T530I


The Notebook Batteries NOT compatible with T410S, T420S, T430S, T530S

Compatible Part Numbers

42T4235 42T4708 42T4714 42T4731 42T4733 42T4737 42T4737 42T4753 42T4756 42T4757 42T4757 42T4763 42T4764 42T4798 42T4803 42T4819 42T4848 42T4849 42T4850 42T4851 42T4852 42T4911 42T4911 42T4912 51J0499 51J0499 51J0500 57Y4185 57Y4186 57Y4545 ASM 42T4703 ASM 42T4752 ASM 42T4756 ASM 42T4794 ASM 42T4796 FRU 42T4702 FRU 42T4751 FRU 42T4755 FRU 42T4791 FRU 42T4793 FRU 42T4795 FRU 42T4797 FRU 42T4817 FRU 42T4819 (0A36303)

Buy with confidence!

12-Month Warranty

Ship next business day

24 x 7 Email Support

Noza Tec GPS Sat Nav Car GPS Navigation System with UK European Maps & Lifetime Map Updates, 7 Inch, 8GB, X7

Noza Tec GPS Sat Nav Car GPS Navigation System with UK European Maps & Lifetime Map Updates, 7 Inch, 8GB, X7

  • Preintall the latest maps of main EU countries,lifetime free updates, provide reliable guidance on the way
  • 7 inch super large touch screen, clear to view and convenient to operate. Free sunshade for sunny days
  • Displays speed limit, and estimated arrival time; Easily search addresses and millions of points of interest
  • Provide smart route planning, sound warning; needn’t worry on unfamilliar or tricky roads,ideal for your daily use or travelling outside
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY,UK local customer service hotline available now

Hot New Release 7 inch super large touch screen Car GPS ideal for daily use or travelling outside.

Brand:Noza Tec
Operating System: Wince 6.0
Display: 7″ Touch Screen
Choose 2D or 3D Map: Available
Memory: 8GB
Bluetooth: NO
Battery: Built-in 1500 mA lithium battery
E-book: Read txt
Video Formats: WMV, AVI, ASF
Audio Formats: WMA, MP3, WAV
Picture Browse:JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG
Cold acquisition time: Approximate 45 seconds
AutoLocate: Approximately 2 minutes
Update rate: Once per second, continuous GPS
Accuracy: Position – Less than 10 meters (33 feet) 95% typical
Velocity – 0.1 meters per second steady
State Routes: Automatically calculated Voice
Power cable: Input 12V Output 5V/1.5A
Main Menu Languages 13: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Slovenian

Package includes:
– GPS navigation
– Sunshade
– Touch pen
– Suction cap
– Air out mount
– Home charger
– Car charger
– USB 2.0 cable
– Back bracket
– Pouch
– English manual

Maps preloaded: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Is. (Den.), Iceland, Finland, France, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, The Netherlands, Romania, San Marino, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia

More maps (can be downloaded from our website): Australia, Gibraltar, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Vatican

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Italy: The road haulage situation

Italy: The road haulage situation

Most of the protagonists who determine the trends of the fresh produce market gathered at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, the beating heart of a Europe driven by Germany.

Operators took the chance to talk about international issues which have direct consequences on their work. The most popular topics: Trump and populists, Great Britain and Brexit, a non-existent EU, the cost differences penalising operators within EU itself, exiting the Euro, protectionism instead of globalisation and migration flows.

We talked to Leonardo Odorissi, adviser for Fruitimprese Veneto, and we asked for his opinion as regards the recent complaint made by the Associazione Nazionale Imprese Trasporti Automobilistici (Anita) to Comit? National Routier (Cnr) and road haulage costs within the EU.

Leonardo Odorizzi in his office. “The huge difference between road haulage costs is one of the many problems within the EU. For example, the cost in Italy is of EUR0.43 cents per km, while it is of EUR0.11 in Bulgaria.

And that’s not the only difference. There are differences in working hours too. In Lithuania, a driver can work 2,025 hours a year, 1,980 hours in Romania and Poland, 1,900 in Spain, Slovakia and Czech Republic and only 1,800 in Italy.”

This of course also has an effect on hourly prices, which range from EUR28.18 in Italy to EUR8.01 in Bulgaria.

FreshPlaza (FP): So is there a difference in the distribution of market shares?

Leonardo Odorizzi (LO): There is.

In 2014, vehicles registered in Poland worked more, covering 61% of international transports. They were followed by Spain with 35%. Italy only covered 13%.

FP: The lack of uniformity on a European level has led many members to adopt specific norms…
LO: France, Germany, Austria and Belgium have already introduced laws to protect their domestic labour market. It seems as though Italy will do as well. France implemented a protectionist system according to which all foreign business must declare that the contributions they paid are equal to those paid by the French, with a cost of EUR300 for each incoming vehicle.

The situation is intolerable. Shipping a 20 ton truck from Catania to Milan (approx.

1,350 km) costs more than shipping a container with the same load from Genoa to Shanghai (over 11,000 km) and more than shipping the same load from northern Italy to Germany.
FP: Italian operators aren’t the only ones who have reason to complain.

The 2016 Doing Business report – the annual World Bank report monitoring the ease of doing business in 189 countries – placed Italy in first place on an international level as regards times and costs.
LO: Yes, we do make progress every once in a while. The World Bank also recognised improvements in the resolution of commercial disputes. Italy climbed up to the 111th place from the 147th it occupied in 2015.

The improvement was possible thanks to the online justice reform and the Jobs Act.
FP: In Brussels’ Eurobarometer, Italy has the lowest number of people favourable to the single currency after Cyprus. What do operators think?
LO: We are worried, to tell you the truth.

One doesn’t need to be an economist to understand the disastrous consequences of exiting the Euro. Italy’s foreign private and public debt amounts to one thousand billion Euro. Exiting the Euro would mean settling the debt with a new devalued currency.

It would be terrible for our economy, unless we could avoid paying the debt. The EU and creditor countries would react, though, and they could even close their doors to our businesses.

FP: Italy could face serious problems…

LO: We could have to deal with customs barriers in the first two outlet markets, which determine a considerable surplus to our favour. We export produce for over EUR50 billion a year to Germany, and France imports Italian products for EUR40 billion.

Safeguarding Italian products with protectionist laws, like Slovenia or Romania do, might be a solution, but we mustn’t forget Italy exports half of what it produces.

The solution is obviously to level labour costs within the EU.

Publication date: 2/17/2017
Author: Rebecca B Baron[1]
Copyright: www.freshplaza.com[2]

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