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Choice Streets 4th Annual Food Truck Fest

20150505_201528By Tony Forder

The lines were long at Choice Streets, the Village Voice’s 4th Annual Food Truck Event, May 5, but no one seemed to care. It seems that today’s new food and beverage fans don’t seem to mind standing around in lines, whether it’s a food event, a beer festival or a wine event these mostly Millenials have cell phones to keep them occupied!

Plus lines offer a chance to socialize with whomever you’re standing next to. So, although skies were a little bit threatening, the location, alongside the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum offered a pleasant, riverside experience. Unfortunately, a prior appointment, Beer Sessions radio with Jimmy Carbone, prevented me from early access with my press pass (VIP ticket purchasers were also afforded an early start). So I entered with the masses and proceeded to penetrate to the far end of the area, strategizing my stops for the return trip. There were 20 food trucks touted; I didn’t count quite that many one, which was near the top of my list, Solber Pupusas, serving pupusas and tamales, was purported to have broken down en route.

20150505_201644My tasting experience actually began with a beer float the ice cream made Shock Top quite palatable! I picked Domo Taco for my first food truck; by coincidence they had the longest line, which is both good and bad good, because you know it’s good, and bad, well depends how hungry you are. I thought the 5 spice braised pork served on a toasted corn tortilla with miso slaw, pico de gallo, Monterey jack cheese

and sesame crema was actually worth the 20 minute wait.

It was either Gorilla Cheese NYC or Snowday for grilled cheese; I picked the latter because I liked their story and I like maple syrup which is their specialty. Touted as a “food truck with a purpose,” Snowday is run by Drive Change1, a New York-based organization that trains and employs formerly incarcerated youth in hopes of helping them find work and keeping them out of prison. It is literally a “vehicle for social justice.” (www.snowdayfoodtruck.com).

20150505_203701The bulkiest offering was probably the Bangkok basil spicy pork fried rice with runny egg on top from Big D’s Grub Truck, but I eschewed that in favor of Korilla BBQ’s tacos spicy pork, chicken or ribeye. Excellent.

Other trucks included King of Falafel and Shawarma, Hungarian langos from Langos Truck, Carl’s Steaks, Pizza Luca, Valducci’s Pizza, Ponti Rossi pasta and chicken tenders and fries from Yankee Doodle Dandy’s. There were a number of trucks catering to the sweet tooth as well The Treats Truck, with pecan butterscotch bars, peanut butter brownies and sugar cookies; Andy’s Italian Ice; and organic fruit and vegetable smoothies from Brooklyn Organic Coffee& Tea.

Succumbing to the Sriracha craze I went for Sweet Chili’s Sriracha fries, which were good, but not worth a nearly half an hour wait. The chef mentioned something about the deep frying time. I asked, “What was the excuse?” He said, “It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact!”

I guess my line waiting patience was becoming frayed. Food trucks come in very handy, especially at brewery tasting rooms which seem to be popping up in every borough or county (see Ale Street News June-July 2015 edition). Usually at such a place, everyone is not lining up at the same time you can get your food and usually drink your beer on line which I did at Choice Streets, although I had a Stella Cidre, not a beer. In addition to Stella Artois beer, several other drinks sponsors were in attendance: Rums of Puerto Rico, New Amsterdam Vodka, Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, Califia Farms (cold brewed coffee and almond milk), and Caleb’s Kola.

20150505_212026Food trucks have become sexy and gourmet food trucks are cashing in; often the fare is often not cheap which is why Choice Streets is a popular event. $55 for your choice of offerings is not a bad thing, even if it takes you all night to fill out your card.


  1. ^ Drive Change (drivechangenyc.org)

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