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Resqme Car Escape Tool with Clip Black

Resqme Car Escape Tool with Clip Black

  • Lightweight and strong plastic construction
  • Spring loaded tungsten tip
  • Perfect size for a keyring

Product Description

Produced in the USA the Res-Q-Me Is a modern improvement on the tried and tested life hammer design, the clever people at Nov8 have managed to fit all of the features of a life hammer in a package small enough to keep on your car keys. The Res-Q-Me is designed to break vehicle side windows and cut through jammed seatbelts in an emergency situation.

The window breaker is a spring-loaded metal spike. When pressed against a side window the spring releases and the metal tip shatters the glass allowing you and your family to escape. The spike is automatically reset after use and can be reused many times. (Approximately 12 lbs. of force is required to release the spike.)

The blade guard attaches to your keychain and protects against unintended use. When attached to your keychain the Res-Q-Me stays firmly in place, yet detaches easily with a sharp tug when necessary. To use the seat belt cutter, hook over the seat belt and pull.

The Res-Q-Me was awarded the Gold Medal for Best Automotive Product of the year at INPEX 2004.

Inspired by LifeHammer, the acclaimed automotive escape tool, ResQMe is a revolutionary handheld rescue tool that provides drivers and passengers with the same level of confidence and results as its larger cousin in the event of a life-threatening entrapment incident in your vehicle. Ultra small, yet designed to provide the instant and easy ability to cut through jammed seat belts and shatter side windows when the need arises, it is the inexpensive, portable power that every car should have onboard in the event of an emergency.

A black ResQMe attached to key chain
Fits right on your keychain.
View larger.
A black ResQMe detached from key chain revealing its blade
Quickly detachable when needed.
View larger.
Sketch of how to use ResQMe
Easy to use during an emergency.
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The Threat of Entrapment
Entrapment, the inability to escape a vehicle in the event of an emergency, is a very real threat to motorists. According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics last publication, there are over 42,000 crash fatalities each year. That is almost 1 death every 12 minutes. Of these, an estimated 500 people died while trapped inside their vehicles. Along with water related incidents, a potential factor in this disturbing number of emergencies is the growing prevalence of power windows that can become jammed due to submersion or fire. As a result of these facts the demand for high-performance automobile safety equipment is on the rise, with ResQMe fast becoming the most convenient option in vehicles all across North America. With ResQMe drivers can be confident that they will be able to cut through safety belts and smash car windows, when every second counts.

How Does it Work?
At just a hair over 3-inches in length and .6 ounces, ResQMe easily fits on to your keychain with a detachable clip. This small size also allows it to be stored in any number of places convenient to the driver, including a hanging position directly on the the steering or shifting columns, or in the extra key compartment under the dash. In the event of an entrapment pull the clip away from the product to reveal the cutter (blade). Hook this over a jammed seat belt and pull to free yourself. To activate the window breaker, simply push the black head against a side window until the concealed spring-loaded spike releases and shatters the window. Shattering a side window with ResQMe takes as little as 12 lb of pressure, meaning that virtually anyone can use it. And the fact that the blade can stand up to several uses and that the spike is easily loaded back into the ready position means that you will always be ready if you are unfortunate enough to be faced with another emergency incident.


  • Spring-loaded head effortlessly smashes the vehicle’s side windows with only 12 lb Of force.
  • Razor sharp blade slices through jammed seat belts and is safely surrounded by the plastic casing.
  • ResQMe’s included clip detaches from the body, allowing the user to quickly access the blade.
  • Clip doubles as a device to hang ResQMe from a keychain or other accessible area.
  • Originally offered exclusively to fire, paramedic and police organizations, but is now available to the public.
  • Contains an imprintable area suitable for personalization with user or company name.

What’s in the Box
1-ResQMe unit, 1-detachable key chain clip/blade guard.

About Innovative Distributing/nov8[safety]
ResQMe is distributed by Innovation Distributing, headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, doing business as nov8[safety]. Specializing in providing quality emergency hammers, auto escape tools, and other safety related products, their great vision is to bring new ideas with a function and purpose to the safety market and provide a “Gift for Life” suitable for every driver on the road.

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Resqme Car Escape Tool with Clip Black

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