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Volvo Trucks introduces dynamic steering and front suspension …

Volvo Trucks independent front suspension can now be specified in combination with Volvo Dynamic Steering.

The system aims to reduce steering wheel movements caused by road vibrations, resulting in lighter and smoother steering.

The independent front suspension gives perfect road-holding and the comfort offered by Volvo Dynamic Steering translates not just into an improved working environment, but also a reduced risk of working injuries for the driver, explained Kristin Signert, long haul segment manager.

The improvements should result in reduced strain on muscles and joints in the long term.

The fact that the driver can feel more relaxed and stay healthier means that this combination boosts productivity in the long run, added Signert.

The combination of these two systems will be available on the Volvo FH and Volvo FH16 models, but for the time being this option is only available for left-hand drive vehicles.

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