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Fuel Card News Motoring Updates: Transport Minister to investigate HGV wheel …

Fuel Card News Motoring Updates: Transport Minister to investigate HGV wheel safety


Transport Minister Mike Penning has agreed to look into the failure rates of second-hand HGV wheels following claims that many are not fit for purpose and could result in a catastrophic accident.

After refusing in March to carry out a study into wheel safety, arguing that failure rates were very small, Penning will now review any evidence provided by trade associations. Following concerns raised by Manchester-based Motor Wheel Services, constituency MP Paul Goggins told Penning that part of the problem is that evidence for wheel failure rates in accidents is not being collected. He said: “I can only imagine the damage that would be caused by a 45-tonne truck travelling at 55 mph should there be a major tyre blow-out .

It could cause a catastrophe,

Catastrophic wheel failure would produce exactly the same impact as a tyre blow-out, yet the government seems unmoved by the concerns being raised by me and the industry.”

Penning responded that he hoped that trade associations would get the submissions together and come as a united body to present their evidence . That will allow me to go away and ask why we have certain failure rates coming from all the different expert bodies.”

Meetings with the Freight Transport Association and Road Haulage Association are being scheduled to discuss the matter further. In other motoring news, it has been reported that although overall new car demand fell by 4.2 percent in November, fleet and business registrations accounted for 59.5 percent of the new car market, with fleet volumes up 7.5 percent year to date.

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