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What Drivers Find to be the Top Issues Facing the Trucking Industry …

Last October, the American Transportation Research Institute released its survey results identifying the top ten issues the trucking industry was currently facing. These included: Hours-of-service, CSA, driver shortage, driver retention, truck parking, electronic logging device mandate, driver health/wellness, economy, infrastructure/congestion/funding, and driver distraction. 1

We recently reached out to drivers asking them what they felt were the largest problems that the trucking industry can expect to face this year. Here were their responses:

*Drivers-The driver shortage is expected to reach 175,000 by 2024. A company s growth will be dictated by the number of drivers they can attract. Therefore, it is worrisome that many companies may feel the need to hire unqualified drivers just to fill their trucks. Those companies that do find qualified drivers will need to come up with creative ways to retain them as money is not the motivator that it was in the years past.

*Shrinking Margins

*Plummeting Fuel Prices Resulting in Lower FSC Margins-According to a 2014 report from Stifel Financial Corp., As the cost of diesel goes down, a trucker s revenue and expenses both decrease. 2

*EPA Mandates which many drivers referred to as impossible.

*Unreasonable Customer Demands-Taking into consideration detention and hours-of-service concerns.

*Government Regulations-One driver provided an example that the government just came down on Qualcomm/Omnitracs to change the way drive time is calculated on their e-log systems. Seeing as how we now have a mandate that all trucks (except 1999 model year and older) MUST be outfitted with an ELD, and Qualcomm is the biggest, they just made it near impossible for even the slightest bit of flexibility.

*Unreliable Equipment and Repair Costs

*Deteriorating Work Conditions

To read the American Transportation Research Institute s Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry for 2015 report released last October visit http://atri-online.org/2015/10/18/critical-issues-in-the-trucking-industry-2015/[1].




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