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It s all about food on the go in Bangalore. The capital of Karnataka state is India s silicon valley, and as such has attracted workers from all over India, and the world. It s now one of the country s most diverse cities, and entrepreneurs have begun satisfying this appetite for diversity by setting up food trucks like their counterparts in the US and Europe.

Le Casse-Cro te s Monsieur Dupleix, a toasted sandwich with chicken curry and mayonnaise

And following this fashion, many of Bangalore s food trucks specialise in cuisine from America s southern states. Jai Das runs the Fuel Up food truck[1] with wife Deepthi at Bangalore s Manayata technology park. A lunchtime queue of hungry workers snakes around the truck, and over a deliciously spicy burrito, Jai tells me: Indians associate food trucks with American food, so our hot dogs and burgers are popular, but the Mexican dishes are best-sellers because there s always lots of rice, which Indians love. However, the increasingly varied cuisine on offer reflects locals appetites for anything new. Bangaloreans embrace different cuisines, says Nishanth Rajkumar, co-founder of the As On Fire truck[2], which has its own wood-fired pizza oven. They re busy and want things quickly, which is why the concept is so successful.

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Nishanth got his inspiration on a visit to Cambodia, where he spotted a street vendor selling fresh pizza. He went home and created Bangalore s first pizza and barbecue food truck, but with an India twist the menu includes paneer pizzas and fiery barbecue drumsticks. We coat the chicken with my mother s secret spice blend, he says. The food truck boom has attracted chefs from as far afield as France. Last September, three French ex-pats founded Bangalore s first French food truck, Le Casse-Cro te[4]. What s their best-seller? The Monsieur Dupleix, a toasted sandwich with chicken curry and mayonnaise, named after the former governor of France s Pondicherry territory.


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