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Understanding the transport industry in Guyana

Part 3

Movement of people and goods

The previous sections of this article have sought to show that the road transport market is multidimensional and carries different risks for each income-generating sector of the market. Being the most developed in Guyana, road transport is critical to the movement of people and goods within the country. All sectors depend on road transportation, therefore, it occupies an important part of the supply chain within and across industries. With Understanding The Transport Industry In Guyanathat reality, the discussion on road transport has focused so far on the private car and the hire-car industry, referring briefly as well as to the in-house and self-service segment of that market. But important components of the industry are the services provided by minibuses and cargo vans and trucks that will be discussed herein and in the final piece on this subject.

Structure of minibus transport industry

Unlike the car segment of the road transport market, the minibus market in Guyana has some special features. Therefore, it would be useful to first describe the structure of the minibus market before discussing its economic and social implications. The minibus market has been segregated into 19 parts. These parts are called routes and give passengers an idea of the geographic spread of the minibus service across the country. The routing system helps to set up the structure of the minibus transport industry and influences the extent of to continue reading this article, please subscribe[1]. Already a subscriber ? Sign In[2].



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