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Hycote Maintenance White Grease , 400ml

Hycote Maintenance  White Grease , 400ml

  • A multi purpose grease that also contains PTFE for anti slip
  • Calcium based
  • Contains a water repellent
  • Prevents corrosion under wet or damp conditions
  • Prevention of seizure particularly under high moisture conditions

Hycote’s white grease is ideal for lubricating brake linkages, latches, cams, window regulators, hinges, springs, wires and cables etc.
It can be used in anti-friction, plain bearings and pumping equipment where the ingress of water has previously reduced lubrication effectiveness. It finds particular use where, for visual reasons a light coloured grease is desirable, Operating temperature range of approximately -10 to 120c

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Hycote Maintenance White Grease , 400ml

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