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‘Hindu houses in Patiya won’t be evicted’

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader today said the houses of 40 Hindu families on the proposed Patiya Bypass Road would not be evicted. But a temple in the area will be relocated, said the general secretary of the ruling Awami League at Patiya in Chittagong after inaugurating construction works of the bypass road. The land was “acquired” to build a bypass road from Indrapol to Chakrashala on Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Highway in the district.

The 5.1-kilometre road would pass thorough Patiya, Karal, Bhatikhine, and Kachuai of the upazila. READ ALSO: 40 Ctg Hindu families in fear of eviction[1] Quader said the locals had been demanding it for long to construct the bypass road and the prime minister instructed thus.

“But there were some constraints as 40 houses of Hindu families and a temple were on the road,” he said. “The leaders of Hindu community and civil society along with delegates from locals called on me in Dhaka and we had a decision that either to sacrifice 40 houses or relocate the temple.” “At last the decision was made to relocate the temple at government finance and to protect the houses,” he said.

‘WB allegation on Padma Bridge proved baseless’ The minister said World Bank (WB) raised an allegation of conspiracy of corruption in Padma Bridge project which was “proved wrong”. The visit of the incumbent president of World Bank to Bangladesh has also proved that the allegation was “baseless”.

‘BNP trying to make CEC controversial’ The AL general secretary said that BNP is trying to make the chief election commissioner “controversial” as they know they would not be “able to win” in the next parliamentary polls. “So they are looking for an excuse,” he said.

“You must see how the election commission works before you make comment about it,” he said, adding, the by-election in Gaibandha is upcoming and BNP should observe the EC’s work there.

“BNP has now become a Bangladesh Nalish (allegation) Party,” he said.

“They cannot even organise a procession in the thoroughfares; they can only make allegation.”


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