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UK grocer first in Europe to use new trucks fuelled by food waste

By Umberto Bacchi

ROME, Feb 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A Britishsupermarket has become the first retailer in Europe to use a newtype of tank that keeps trucks motoring on fuel made from foodwaste for 500 miles, almost twice the current average.

The longer driving range – capacity had held back earliergreen fuel options – could entice more business to turn tolow-emission lorries and thereby help fight global warming.

“We will be able to make deliveries to our stores withouthaving to refuel away from base,” Justin Laney of the John LewisPartnership, which runs the Waitrose grocery chain, said in astatement on Thursday.

Gas provider CNG Fuels said the upmarket grocery chain hadadded 10 trucks to its fleet, all powered by renewablebiomethane gas, which emits 70 percent less carbon dioxide thandiesel.

Transport accounts for about a quarter of Europe’splanet-warming emissions, which the European Union has pledgedto cut by 40 percent before 2030 under the 2015 Paris climatedeal.

Biomethane gas is made from food waste, which is also asource of greenhouse gases.

The lorries, manufactured by Swedish truck maker Scania, canrun on the green fuel for 500 miles, 200 miles more than theaverage, thanks to a carbon fibre tank that is lighter and holdsmore gas, the companies said in a joint statement.

Biomethane trucks’ low range was previously an issue formany European hauliers and CNG Fuels CEO Philip Fjeld says theyare now more likely to switch from diesel to natural gas. Continued…[1]


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