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RTC signs MoU with TSRTC on running of buses

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The APSRTC and the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on operating inter-State buses. The officials signed the MoU in Hyderabad recently. Executive Directors of both the Corporations attended the meeting.

According to official sources, the APSRTC is operating 1,066 services in different routes to Telangana and the TSRTC is plying 505 buses to Andhra Pradesh. As many as 30,000 passengers are travelling from different places in AP to Hyderabad every day. The TSRTC officials said they were losing revenue due to the disparity in the number leading to the agreement.

Permanent pact soon

“As on March 31, 2017, the APSRTC is operating its services over 2.77 lakh km per day in Telangana, while the TSRTC is running 1.11 lakh km in Andhra Pradesh ,” said APSRTC Executive Director (Operations) G. Jaya Rao. The buses are being operated between the two States now under Section 72 (1) of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, .

The Transport Department gave permits for operating buses before the bifurcation, which is valid for five years, i.e. up to May 2019.

Entry points “As per the agreement, the APSRTC has decided to decrease its services to Telangana and the TSRTC will increase its operations in those routes in AP. We will decrease our buses in a phased manner in the next two years.

Once the permits expire, we will enter into an inter-State agreement with the TSRTC like other neighbouring States, which are operating in AP,” Mr. Jaya Rao told The Hindu on Monday. There are 17 entry points between AP and Telangana and the highest number of buses enter from Garikapadu village in Krishna district.

Chief Traffic Manager (CTM-Operations) K.S. Brahmananda Reddy said 200 buses (the highest number) were being operated from Vijayawada to Hyderabad, followed by East Godavari 77, West Godavari 48, Guntur 32 and Visakhapatnam 24 buses. “The APSRTC has a fleet of 12,000 buses.

Of the 128 depots, we are operating buses to Telangana from 103 depots and most of our services are being operated to Hyderabad.

For the convenience of passengers in the two States, we requested the TSRTC to operate buses in all routes, where we are cancelling the services,” the CTM said.


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