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Uber Freight: The New ‘Broker’ for Cargo Drivers

Uber is a name that has become synonymous with any kind of means of transportation. Even if an individual is addressing a cab, he instinctively calls it an Uber. This phenomenon isn’t an example of the overnight success of the ride-hailing giant.

It is a result of strategized moves by the company to establish a monopoly in the field of transportation. It seems that Uber has a one point goal to dominate all means of transportation, be it on road or even in the air. Up until now, we thought that Uber wanted to provide the best services to its customers for a hassle-free commute but recent developments in the company have something else to say.

The company’s latest initiative, Uber Freight doesn’t target customers but cargo drivers.

The drivers assigned for trucks have a very different professional life in comparison to those drivers which directly interact with customers. It will not be wrong to say that the cargo drivers are not treated as well as the cab drivers. There are various reasons behind this but it can’t be confidently determined why this inequality does take place.

Not only in terms of treatment, professionally cab drivers have a fairer recruitment system than cargo drivers. To curb this problem to quite an extent, Uber came up with its Freight version.

Today & tomorrow, we aim to empower a community of carriers w/ transparency & reliability. Sign up: https://t.co/KfuyqEk6TA #driverfocused pic.twitter.com/gMlZjl4qj1[1][2][3]

— Uber Freight (@UberFreight) May 18, 2017[4]

What exactly is Uber Freight?

Uber Freight is a separate app by Uber which mainly targets cargo drivers and people in need of such drivers. The establishment of this app was announced last year but the app is available on iOS and Android stores starting today. The main focus of Uber behind the launch of this app is to streamline the process of packing a truck and completing further shipment.

Presently, these cargo drivers have to rely on brokers to get them work. This is a tricky system as firstly these brokers have a commission from whatever the drivers earn. And also, brokers have their own personal preferences.

This is not the case in Uber Freight.

This step taken by Uber is not just a social service initiative to make things easier for the cargo drivers. In the long run, it will prove to be highly profitable for the ride-hailing giant as the net value of the truck industry is worth £700 billion. Uber aims to establish itself in this industry as well.

For this, last year in July it acquired Otto, a self-driving truck company at the price of £650 million. This clearly signifies that Uber is hell bent to take over the truck industry in terms of manual as well as autonomous driving. Uber-Freight-

Uber Freight is a separate app by Uber which mainly targets cargo drivers and people in need of such drivers.

Benefits of this app

The layout of the Uber Freight is very similar to that of the ride-hailing version.

When opening the app, the user will find a list of available jobs around him. This list will hold information such as the routes of the jobs, how much will they haul, and the money paid to them. You can accept whichever job suits you and get on to the next job once you complete the trip.

In this entire process, the driver doesn’t have to pay anything to Uber.

Uber Freight has its advantages as the driver has the liberty to choose which job is feasible for him in terms of the route as well as the money. If a broker brings a job to the driver, he will not have those many choices. Also, there is nothing like free lunch in this world.

Hence the cargo driver will also need to pay the broker. Apart from this, there is discrimination in the truck industry on the basis of race, gender, and personal preferences. Such social issues won’t affect the professionalism by using this app.

The biggest advantage is that Uber Freight will ensure a fair system between the client as well as the driver.

Even the clients can expect a prompt response through this app.

Shipment of goods will be a smoother process through Uber Freight.


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