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Road Transport Corporation bifurcation gets rolling

THE HANS INDIA | Jun 23,2017 , 02:45 AM IST

Hyderabad: The process of long-pending bifurcation of the Road Transport Corporation is now set to gain momentum as officials of the TSRTC and APSRTC have come to an understanding to take steps for repatriation of the employees working in the two Telugu States to their places of origin. According to officials, the managements of the two Corporations have directed the officials concerned to take steps to identify the officials. When the exercise is completed, Telangana employees working in Andhra Pradesh will be repatriated to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh employees working in Telangana will go back to their State. The division of the employees and the assets has been the two contentious issues which has been delaying the bifurcation process for the past three years. With the decision to repatriate the employees to their native State, the first hurdle has been overcome and the only issue left now is the distribution of assets, according to a trade union representing majority of
Though it has been three years since Andhra Pradesh State was divided, the bifurcation of the Corporation, which is under schedule 9 and 10 listed as public sector companies, could not be completed officially.

The Corporation has been functioning as two entities for administrative convenience. According to official sources, about 120 employees belonging to Telangana are working at various places in Andhra Pradesh. Similarly, there are 80 employees of Andhra Pradesh working in Telangana. The officials said that efforts are on to repatriate the employees by June 30 as per the orders of management. Meanwhile, the Department of Personnel and Training has made it clear that only the ‘Bus Bhavan’ would come under the joint properties of the Corporation and the APSRTC cannot claim share in the other assets of the corporation. The APSRTC Unions have been advocating 58 per cent share in the assets of the Corporation as per the AP Reorganisation Act.

However, the Telangana Trades Unions argued that all the assets, except the Bus Bhavan, have been in existence before Andhra and Telangana were merged and they were under Nizam State Road, Rail Transport. The Telangana Unions had handed over the evidence to the DOPT. The officials said this would facilitate faster bifurcation of the Corporation. Welcoming the decision of the management to repatriate the employees to their parent States, the National Mazdoor Union Secretary E Ashok said once the controversy concerning division of assets is also resolved, then both the Corporations can prosper and move on development path. By K Chandrashekar

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