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TxDOT strategizes the future of state-wide cargo shipping

SAN ANTONIO – Texas’ population is doubling and the Department of Transportation predicts by 2040, 3.8 billion tons of freight will be moved through Texas on a yearly basis. Thursday members of TxDOT met with stakeholders in San Antonio to discuss the state’s plan to move goods on Texas roadways. By listening to business owners, truck drivers and other stakeholders, TxDOT will identify congested areas and make recommendations on areas to improve.

“What we’re getting from the stakeholders here is they identify roadways that are critical to moving goods in the state of Texas so that’s one and then the second thing is they’re helping us identify what hte needs are,” Caroline Mays from TxDOT said. TxDOT says that oftentimes what holds up the process of starting projects on the roadways to ease congestion is funding. “We do everything we can to address the needs in the system, but the problem is funding.

We have limited funding with competing needs across the state that makes it challenging sometimes, but we want ot make sure that we’re addressing those needs,” Mays said. In San Antonio, TxDOT says the major areas of congestion they’d like to improve are along I-35 and I-10 coming downtown and areas along 410 and 1604. They say in addition to figuring out ways to ease congestion, they’re also looking into the idea of creating a barrier to separate truck traffic from everyone else to improve safety.

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