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Cargo shipments by North-Western Shipping Company are flat year-on-year at 4.2 mln t in 9M’17

Approximately 1.5 million tons (which equals to 36%) of the shipping overall was conducted by the new vessels of NWSC – 10 vessels of DCV36 project (lead ship – “Amethyst”) and 7 vessels of RSD49 “Neva-Leader” project. The following shipments were conducted by the vessels of NWSC: 1.3 million tons of grain cargo (flat, year-on-year), 0.83 million tons of ferrous materials (+30%), 0.67 million tons of chemical and mineral fertilizers (+20%), 0.63 million tons of coal (+57%), 0.1 million tons of non-ferrous metals (-60%), 0.13 million tons of timber (- 35%) and 0.54 million tons of other types of cargo. According to the statement, increase of coal cargo shipping volume should be attributed to favorable market situation.

Increase of ferrous materials cargo shipping volume is caused by renewal of shipping of that kind of cargo from the Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg[1] to the ports of Baltic States and Poland. In the sector of mineral fertilizers, the growth was driven by increased production in the markets of the Baltic and North Seas. The decrease in transportation of non-ferrous metal should be attributed to shifting of some NWSC ships to more promising contracts.

Timer transportation has decreased due to reduced processing of Russian roundwood in Finland. The majority of shipping – more than 3.3 million tons which equals to 768% of the overall volume – was formed by export cargo of the shipping company, its quantity growing by 10%. The majority of the exported range of items was formed by grain cargo, ferrous materials, non-ferrous metals, coal, chemical and mineral fertilizers.

The transportation between foreign ports equalled to 0.74 million tons which forms 18% of the overall volume (+10%). The volume of import cargo shipping of the shipping company fell by 20% to 0.08 million tons, which was caused by the general reduction of import to Russia from the European countries. The import ratio in the general volume of traffic equaled to 2% during January-September 2017.

Intra-Russian domestic shipping effectively was not performed during the first half-year of 2017 . North-Western Shipping Company[2], part of VBTH, a shipping division of UCL Holding, is the largest carrier in the Russian system of waterways, specializing on the export and import shipping of bulk, general and project cargoes, towages of oversized cargo and craft. The company provides a full range of transport services on the inland waterways of Russia and international sea traffic.

The company operates a fleet of 47 river/sea class vessels, 10 sea class vessels and 3 Ro-Ro barges. Total deadweight of the Company’s fleet is 288,000 tonnes with vessel average age of 16.5 years. The company transports about 5 mln t of cargo per year.


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