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Free CPC Training and a Job Guarantee to Help UK Road Haulage Driver Shortage

Pallet Delivery Group Stumps Up for New RecruitsShipping News Feature UK – One of the things which often precludes an active jobseeker from obtaining work in the road haulage sector is the necessity these days to have earned the qualifications required to allow one behind the wheel of a delivery truck. As well as a suitable driving licence applicants must obtain a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) which means several days training at the recruit’s own expense, not an easy thing for someone between jobs or on a minimum wage.

Mandatory CPC requirements means every UK commercial driver must complete a full training course, or top-up their training with 35 hours Driver CPC periodic training every five years, and the initial cost of training is between ?1,000 and ?2,000. Now Vidu Recruitment[1] has announced that it has joined forces with Palletways (UK) Ltd[2] to offer free CPC training to new drivers that take up jobs via Vidu Recruitment’s new, video-based recruitment platform.

The only condition attached to the paid-for CPC training offer is that those drivers who receive the backing remain employed by Palletways UK for at least 12 months after starting with the company. Launched recently, Vidu is a digital platform that brings employers in the logistics and supply chain sectors together with potential employees through the powers of video and social media. Everyone in the freight industry in Britain is aware of the parlous situation when it comes to the stock of available HGV drivers, as our recent article[3] illustrated.

Ironically it may be that, as the situation worsens, the status and profile of working in the profession is significantly boosted. Palletways UK can see the advantages of such schemes as this and are now posting all their vacancies on the Vidu platform and the company’s Human Resources Manager, Maureen Summers, observed: “Finding good, reliable drivers can be a challenge.

The Vidu Recruitment site allows us to shortlist much better candidates from day one. Finding the best drivers is important to us and by paying the cost of driver CPC training we believe we will be able to tap-in to the pool of drivers who may not be in a position to fund their own CPC training but are otherwise highly employable.” Vidu’s founder, Nicky Jones says the platform dramatically reduces the costs involved in advertising and hiring by helping employers to avoid the time-consuming process of searching through CVs and applications and allowing more to be learnt about a candidate before the interview selection process commences.

She comments:

“The chance to get paid and become CPC Driver trained at the same time is a unique offer, so if you are a driver without up-to-date CPC training, search Vidu for jobs with Palletways UK.”

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