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Freight and Road Haulage Interests Get Their Say on Vehicle Emissions in City

Public Consultation Will Seek OpinionsShipping News Feature UK – The Handy Shipping Guide has written in the past[1] about consultancies in London to work out how bans on vehicles emitting higher levels of harmful gases and particles will affect the use of vehicles of all types. Now Oxford City Council[2] is asking for freight operators and road haulage companies serving the city to have their say in a consultation into proposed plans to ban all vehicles which generate any emissions whatsoever that can be construed as harmful.

The Council and Oxfordshire County Council are mulling over introducing restrictions in Oxford city centre that would make it the world’s first genuine Zero Emission Zone. The proposal is to stop emitting vehicles from Oxford city centre in phases, starting with some vehicle types and a small number of streets in 2020 and, as vehicle technology develops, move onto all vehicle types across the whole city centre by 2035.

The Council states that the proposed action is in response to poor air quality and a need to meet NOx standards. Previous efforts, such as the introduction of a Low Emission Zone for buses using the city centre, has reduced harmful emissions, but opinion is that more needs to be done. The City and County Councils have launched a six-week public consultation on the proposals seeking responses from everyone who uses the city centre, including businesses, fleet operators and local residents, to help shape the final scheme, which will be published next year.

Anyone wishing to take part in the consultancy, or seeking further information, can find it HERE[3].

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