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Mercedes enters pickup truck market with new X-Class

This is the new Mercedes X-Class pickup truck, being billed as the first-ever pickup from a premium manufacturer. The X-Class will be offered in two forms initially, with the 161bhp X220d and the 188bhp X250d featuring Mercedes’ 2.3-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. These both come with manual gearbox as standard, with a seven-speed automatic option for X250d customers.

A larger V6 diesel will join the X-Class range in 2018 with 255bhp on tap. When this arrives, it’ll be the most powerful pickup in the UK.

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The X-Class is capable of carrying up to 1.1 tonnes in its load bay and can accommodate an industry-standard Euro pallet, while it’s rated to tow up to 3.5 tonnes. The X-Class also qualifies as a commercial vehicle, giving it favourable tax rates.

Mercedes X-Class design

The X-Class was first shown as the Concept X-Class late last year and it’s lost little of its presence in the transition from concept to production model.

Viewed side-on, its pickup pedigree is clear to see, but from the front the huge radiator grille and three-pointed star leave its provenance in no doubt. Under its bodywork, the X-Class shares its fundamental mechanicals with the Nissan Navara[1], which we rate as one of the best pickup trucks you can buy today[2]. It’s totally different inside, however, where you’ll find the same 8.4-inch infotainment system as fitted to the Mercedes V-Class[3], complete with Garmin sat nav.

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The X-Class will be offered in three trims.

Entry-level Pure trucks get 17-inch steel wheels, LED lights for the load bed, power-adjustable wing mirrors and air-conditioning, while Progressive adds in a leather steering wheel, alloy wheels, body-coloured bumpers, automatic wipers, load-bed storage rails and a compass in the rear-view mirror. The top-spec Power model comes with synthetic leather seats, 18-inch alloys, keyless go, power-adjustable front seats, LED headlights and keyless start. The X-Class will also be able to communicate with a smartphone app, which will relay the truck’s location, as well as information about the amount of fuel in its tank.

Options include styling bars for load bay, as well as soft and hard tonneau covers and a full canopy cover, which Mercedes says makes the X-Class “look like an SUV”. Customers will also be able to specify reversing and 360-degree cameras, as well as a driving selector with Comfort, ECO, Sport, Manual and Offroad modes. Oh, and the company will even leave off the X-Class’ rear bumper if you ask, allowing the tailgate to swing open 180 degrees instead of the standard 90 degrees.

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While a pickup truck may at first seem to sit oddly in the range of a carmaker that also builds the Maybach S650[4], Mercedes’ significant presence in the commercial vehicle market, coupled with the growing popularity of pickups, means the new X-Class is a logical progression for the brand.

Mercedes X-Class passenger ride

The X-Class has only just launched, so full test drives are some way off – but following its launch, our man got taken for a passenger ride in Merc’s new pickup.

The first thing to impress us was how quiet the X250d was; pickup trucks tend to be gruff old things, but Mercedes’ first offering in this class consigned the 2.3-litre diesel to a quiet grumble in the background. This hushed environment continued as we got underway, with wind and road noise supressed effectively, even as Mercedes’ engineer worked the X-Class hard. It exhibited tidy handling, too, with sharp responses to steering inputs and noticeable but well controlled body roll.

And while there were a few bits of telltale Nissan switchgear around the dashboard, interior quality seemed genuinely car-like. Also impressive was the X-Class’ performance over the rough stuff, as it was able to absorb bumps on dirt tracks with ease; the suspension minimised the dramatic pitches that can present themselves on really challenging terrain. Our abiding impression from the passenger seat is that the X-Class is a thoroughly well sorted machine.

First of a new kind

Mercedes’ video ad (below) for the new X-Class will be all over the big and little screen from December until next spring, and you’ll even see it if you head to the cinema to watch the latest Star Wars movie.

Mercedes is aiming for a knockout punch here, with a huge cast spanning from farmers to rugby players in an action-packed film with more special effects than most programmes it’ll be shown alongside. Called ‘Follow’, the big-budget ad shows monsters and even spaceships chasing the X-Class through deserts, forests and city streets. It ends on the slogan “first of a new kind”, because the X-Class is after all, Mercedes’ first pickup.

Video of “Follow”. The new Mercedes-Benz X-Class TV-Spot (2017)

Mercedes X-Class price and on-sale date

UK pricing is still being firmed up, but we expect the X-Class range to start at around ?28,000 excluding VAT.

First deliveries are expected January 2018.


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