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Mumbaikar feeling hassled by the strike of State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC).

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Commuters on Monday grumbled to the state government for the inconvenience caused by the wooly strike of the staffs of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC). Employees of the MSRTC had begun a wooly strike on the midnight of Monday to pressurize the government to implement 7th pay commission in the state transport. Though the police have increased security to prevent any untoward happening, passengers are feeling hassled by the strike.

“I am waiting for the bus since 7 am today, but all the transport offices are locked and no one is available to take action to our queries,” a commuter named Shweta said. More than 17 thousand government buses run across Maharashtra, where about one lakh personnel have gone on strike. A student, who was waiting for the bus since 6 am, said, “I waited for a while and then tried to make contact with private transport, who usually charges maximum 250 rupees for a day.

Though, they have increased their fares to Rs 1000 following the strike, which we can’t pay for as students”. Another commuter, returning from election duty travelled in a private transport half of the way. Not capable to reach Sholapur, he complained to the government for the cause inconvenience during the festival season and urged to take an immediate decision.

Meanwhile, Dileep, a member of a staff union said that he, along with other unions, called the strike after the government did not pay any attention to their demands. “Ours, along with other transport unions want 7th pay commission to be implemented in the MSRTC. We were also in talk with the government but they paid no attention to to our problems.

Therefore, we have now called an indefinite strike,” he said.


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