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Russian truck driver BATTERS trained MMA fighter in brutal backyard brawl KO

The pair faced off in a brutal backyard brawl for Russian fight promotion Strelka earlier this year – and not many could have predicted the outcome. MMA fighter Denis Lobikov accepted the challenge of brawling with his untrained rival cheered on by a sizeable crowd watching from behind the ropes. A cagey first round put the pair on even footing heading into the second – but the unnamed truck driver quickly began to take use his obvious weight advantage to good effect.

An MMA fighter punching his rival in the headYOUTUBE

The Russian truck driver blasted his MMA-trained rival into oblivion

Eventually he made the breakthrough with a nose-shattering right hand that snapped Lobikov’s head back with in a brutal collision.

Lobikov dropped to the floor before the truck driver finished the fight with some powerful hammer-fists. Millions have seen the clip since it was uploaded to YouTube earlier this year – but the footage recently resurfaced on social media site Reddit.

Two MMA fighters huggingYOUTUBE

The pair hugged it out after in a heartwarming display of affection

Graphic content: Are these the UFC’s BLOODIEST brawls?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has often been labelled a cruel blood sport by campaigners and, looking at these pictures, it’s not hard to see whyBrendan O'Reilly spits out blood during his lightweight fight with Zhang Lipeng in Macau in 2014Zuffa LLC via Getty ImagesBrendan O’Reilly spits out blood during his lightweight fight with Zhang Lipeng in Macau in 2014

“Jesus, you can almost see his soul leaving his body after that punch,” wrote one viewer. Another said: “Pretty respectful from both men considering the situation they’re in.”

“Sportsmanship is pretty cool.

Not used to seeing it,” added a third.

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