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VIDEO: Floods interrupt road transport between Dar, Kibaha

Dar es Salaam. Road transport between Dar es Salaam and Kibaha has been interrupted due to floods at MbeziMwisho Bridge following heavy rain in the city. A minibus was swept away by water at the bridge, but no one was injured.

Other residents in other parts of the city were affected by the rain, which started on Tuesday. Floods have damaged some houses in TegetaKibaoni, KinondoniDistrict. The Citizen has observed that the floods swept away their properties like kitchen cooking sets and mattresses.

Some of the houses have beenflooded and people and vehicles hardly passed some palaces.Flood victims struggled to keep the remaining properties after being damaged the floods. One of the victims, Mr AbuuMagesa, who was busy rescuing some of his properties said the floods started early the morning, when he and his family were still asleep. “The situation is worse and we couldn’t manage to recover all the properties,” he said as he was trying towork on a canal.

“We don’t know what to do with the situation.

We are just looking at it,” said another victim, Mr Said Juma, from UshenziniStreet inTegeta, which had also been affected by the floods.

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