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Activists spark rush hour chaos with anti-pollution demo on major London road

Activists sparked chaos on a major London road as they staged a protest against air pollution for the second time in two days. Protesters marched onto busy Marylebone Road, near Baker Street station, and blocked it off to traffic during rush hour on Tuesday evening. Images of the demonstrators from campaign group Stop Killing Londoners sitting in the road in front of queuing vehicles emerged online amid the mayhem.

Traffic cameras showed at least 12 activists blocking off the street as they held up a banner that read “cut air pollution” while facing frustrated commuters. Transport for London warned drivers of delays amid the travel chaos caused by the “unexpected protesters”. Some angry commuters caught took to social media to vent their outrage.

One wrote on Twitter: “People need to get off f****** floor!! We’re trying to get home!! #maryleboneroad.” Another social media users said: “Traffic at a standstill surely creating more of the pollution these protesters are protesting about?”

And another said: “Let’s hope all that backed-up traffic has its engines off.” The road was later reopened. The protest came after campaigners from the same group shut down Tower Bridge during a similar demo on Monday afternoon.

The group also faced criticism over the disruption, with some Londoners saying the demonstration caused “a traffic jam which is far more polluting.”

Anti-pollution activists spark huge traffic jam on Tower Bridge

City of London Police said seven people were arrested for obstruction of a public highway following the protest on the Thames crossing.

It was not immediately clear if any arrests were made during Tuesday’s demo.

The Met Police has been contacted for comment.

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