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Police will no longer check cargo transport papers on the road

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In a bid to ease the movement of cargo carriers throughout the country, Inspector General of Police (IGP) AKM Shahidul Hoque has asked his men not to check and examine the documents of these vehicles by stopping them during the journey. The paperwork inspection of trucks, covered vans, pick-up trucks and other cargo carriers will be made at the terminals, which means either at the start or the endpoints of their trip. IGP Shahidul issued the temporary instruction following a meeting with cargo transport owners at the police headquarters in Dhaka on Saturday; Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Sahely Ferdous confirmed the matter to the Dhaka Tribune.

Quoting the IGP, she said the police chief urged the transport owners to keep the vehicle’s fitness reports up-to-date and instruct the drivers to keep their legal documents with them. The IGP also urged the owners not to carry cargo exceeding their load capacity. In the meeting, the transport owners urged the police chief to stop street and highway harassment by police – filing a case against drivers despite with proper document, overcharging for wreckers, insulting drivers and transport labours while they are in the streets.

The IGP said strong measures will be taken against if any police officials found involved in the harassment of cargo drivers on the highway.

“This is going to be a temporary arrangement.

The instruction will come as an order in the future if it works out,” said Sahely Ferdous.

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