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Lukashenko promises to consider problems in international road freight transport

MINSK, 22 December (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko promised to deal with the issues in the international road freight transport as he met with representatives of the business community on 22 December, BelTA has learned. The relevant matter was raised by Andrei Smolyar, a member of the Business Promotion Council, Chairman of the Board of Intertransavto. He pointed out that the international road freight transport in Belarus is largely represented by small private companies.

This sector exported more services than any other one in January- October 2017, including IT and construction. High efficiency is due to the implementation of advanced approaches to work and accumulation of the best international practices and innovations. Andrei Smolyar commended the government’s big role in developing Belarus’ transit potential, which has brought real results and improved the country’s competitive advantages.

Business development in this field was driven by some other decisions, too, including those implemented through the public private partnership. The full potential of the international road freight transport has not yet been realized, however. There is a possibility to develop and successfully compete with foreign road freight carriers.

Andrei Smolyar pointed to the need to update the truck fleet as the last three years were tough for the industry due to external factors. Euro 6 vehicles boast the best competitive advantages and reduce the total cost of shipments by some 5%. Andrei Smolyar also regretted the fact that it is necessary to pay the recycling fee on the imported vehicles.

Another problem is the import VAT. “We pay this money and get it back in two months after a check. The budget does not lose anything. This is just a matter of bureaucracy,” he stressed.

The recently signed entrepreneurship development ordinance No.7 has made the life of road carriers much easier, Andrei Smolyar remarked. “Many requirements have been canceled, including those for trip sheets and mandatory physical examination for drivers. But the important thing is that the requirement for the driving experience has been abolished too,” Andrei Smolyar added. He clarified that Belarus is the only country in the CIS which has formed a professional training system for international drivers.

But in real life a person who completed the training could not find work because companies had to require two-year driving experience. As a result, qualified drivers moved to other countries or other industries. Andrei Smolyar also drew attention to certain difficulties with working in the EAEU. “We aim to have a free movement of capital, workers, goods, and services without exemptions.

We simply need a possibility to compete in a free and honest way,” he stated. “Very important matters were raised today. Taking into account the fact that we have the automotive factory, we need to start making Euro 6 vehicles to resolve these issues.

I need to take these questions under control,” the head of state replied.

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