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Estonian Railways registers 1% drop in freight volumes in 2017

Cargoes transported on the infrastructure of the state owned Estonian railway infrastructure company Estonian Railways in 2017 totaled 12.4 million tons, which is 1% less than the year before, while cargo volume in December rose 14.7% to 1.3 million tons, writes LETA/BNS.


“I am glad to note that the cargo volumes of Estonian Railways remained virtually at the same level compared to the previous year and the final half of the year showed an increase. Even though it was not possible to stop the drop in the cargo volumes of goods in transit, we achieved a significantly better result than planned thanks to the continued growth in local and export carriage as well as passenger carriage,” Estonian Railways CEO Erik Laidvee said in a press release. Transit shipments made up 61% of all carriage transported on the infrastructure of Estonian Railways and totaled 7.6 million tons, Estonian Railways said.

Carriage volumes decreased 5.5% on year. Local shipments grew 12.4% to 3.2 million tons. Import shipments fell 6.3% to 1.3 million tons, while export shipments rose 23% to 260,000 tons.

The number of passengers rose 7.4% on year, which means that altogether 7.4 million people used the train as a means of transport.

Altogether 7.3 million people used the trains as local transport, 7.4% more than the year before, while 105,300 people, 3.5% more than the year before, used the passenger train for international transport.

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