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Dashcam captures moment kids almost cleaned up by truck in terrifying near miss

The heart-stopping moment three schoolchildren ran into a road in front of an approaching truck has been caught on camera.

Dashcam footage shows the young children dart onto the road in rural Norfolk, UK, on January 30 before their terrified mother runs out after them in a last-gasp attempt to save them. The quick-thinking driver manages to slam the brakes on just in time and avoid a fatal collision.

Not noticing the approaching lorry, the kids start to run across the road. Source: GV Dash Cam

The mother can be seen putting her hands in the air, in what looks like an apology for the close call. The driver of the fully-loaded truck, weighing 7.5 tonnes, also revealed he pulled over to check on the distressed family. “They were all shaken by the near miss but, after a few minutes they were all fine and I went on my way,” he wrote after posting the video to YouTube.

The children’s terrified mother runs after them before apologising to the driver.

Source: GV Dash Cam

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