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'Invest in public transport workers, not road-widening projects'

The government should invest in workers who operate the public transport service, instead of throwing money down the drain by widening roads, a policy which only serves to postpone the problem, Alternattiva Demokratika said. AD spokesperson on transport and infrastructure Ralph Cassar said it had come to light that Malta Public Transport is resorting to importing drivers from Pakistan to be able to continue with a “cheap labour” policy. “Does this mean that government, which ultimately controls the service contract with MPT, is happy with the situation and is accepting that public transport workers are paid on the cheap?

This is simply not on in what is supposed to be a thriving EU economy,” he said in a statement. He said public transport drivers are not valued and low wages and poor working conditions mean that local workers are not choosing public transport as a career through which they can feel proud of offering a service to the public. “With some 200 or so less public transport drivers than required to stick to the timetables, people are finding that buses are full-up and do not stick to the schedule.

An inefficient service will not attract more people and will continue leaving passengers stranded.”

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