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JICA Collaborative Project With Road Safety Department Under The Ministry Of Transport For The Road Safety Programs In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 22 (Bernama) — In 2014, death rate of the road traffic accidents in Malaysia is second highest next to Thailand among ASEAN countries. In order to tackle the issue, JICA, in collaboration with Road Safety Department (JKJR) Malaysia, is scheduled to implement a new technical cooperation project on Road Safety Program beginning in 2018. Under this program, Japanese experience on road safety will be shared with Malaysian counterpart through dispatch of Japanese experts, technical training in Japan and seminars.

In the beginning, JICA has dispatched missions to do needs survey in order to determine the required areas of cooperation on road safety issues in Malaysia.

The studies aimed to gather vital information and analyse the issues to examine the way road safety ought to be through JICA’s project as well as formulation of possible projects.

The studies also contributed to further understanding on current situation including roles and coordination among related agencies by collecting necessary materials to extract concrete problems concerning road safety.

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