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Road Haulage and Logistics Outfits and Any Company with at Least a Van Should Join Carbon Scheme

Members of the Freight Transport Association Reduction Initiative Continue to Cut Pollution UK – All road haulage operators, or indeed any company, logistics provider or not, which runs at least one commercial vehicle, from a van up to a fleet of HGVs, are being encouraged to join the Freight Transport Association (FTA[1]) Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS[2]). LCRS scheme members committed to reducing their vehicles’ emissions when the programme was announced in 2010 and now the evidence is out, members have continued to cut vehicle emissions and fuel costs, according to the annual report released today[3].

By signing up to the scheme, LCRS members have demonstrated their dedication to reducing national carbon emissions, through carbon reporting the LCRS aggregates fuel usage and business activity data from members to establish a carbon footprint for the scheme. At such a challenging time for operators with regards to clean air, the performance of LCRS members against emissions targets is a clear demonstration that changes are possible, and emissions can be reduced, with use of the correct technology.

Christopher Snelling, Head of National Policy at FTA, commented: “LCRS members have continued to make significantly better progress in reducing carbon emissions when compared to the freight sector as a whole, which is testament to their willingness to trial and accept new technologies. In fact, LCRS members registered average emissions levels almost 13% per vehicle kilometre lower than in the wider logistics industry.

This reduction in emissions directly led to a similar saving in fuel costs. “The freight sector is often blamed for all of the nation’s air quality woes, yet the LCRS members have demonstrated there are significant improvements which can be made with some relatively small operating changes. In a marketplace where emissions standards are increasingly under the spotlight, the LCRS results demonstrate what can be achieved with a willingness to adapt and learn from previous behaviours.

“LCRS members have also been at the forefront of using new technology and purchasing the latest vehicles.

40% of the LCRS members’ HGV fleet has already been upgraded to meet Euro VI standards, with just over a quarter of members’ vans reaching the same.

Introducing and accepting new technologies at this speed is an impressive testament to members’ willingness to change the environment around us, and the new government regulations announced recently will go a long way to reinforcing this new behaviour across the freight sector.”

Road Haulage and Logistics Outfits and Any Company with at Least a Van Should Join Carbon SchemeRoad Haulage and Logistics Outfits and Any Company with at Least a Van Should Join Carbon Scheme


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